Tweet Gets Citi To Stop Junk Mail Deluge

Dan and his wife were getting hit by two pieces of junk mail from Citi almost every day. One to him, and one to his wife. He couldn’t figure out how to tell Citi to stop, until he remembered the online service with the little blue bird that goes “Tweet, tweet.”

The junk mail was odd. “Sometimes they’re the same thing, sometimes they’re different. Occasionally, it will be more than one a piece, and we’ll each get three different things,” wrote Dan. “Neither of us have ever had a single Citi account of any kind.”

Dan combed the Citi website, but unless he was already a customer, there seemed to be no way to opt out of the mailings. He wasn’t about to sign up with Citi just to get the junk mail to stop!

“I keep a twitter account for entering contests that require it, and to contact corporate accounts like Comcast when I have problems,” wrote Dan. “I shot a tweet over to @askciti complaining about the junk, and within an hour had a response asking me to DM them my name and address so they could remove me, and apologized for the inconvenience.”

He added, “Just wanted to let everyone on Consumerist know that they’ll do this, and thank the rep who was fast and easy to deal with in only 140 characters.”

Twitter for companies – – cheaper than solving your underlying defects!

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