Copy "Wedding Crashers" Prank, Get Charged With A Felony

In the movie Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson’s character pours eye drops into an enemy’s drink to put him out of commission and is rewarded with audience laughter. In real life, a Wisconsin college student does the same to her roommate and is charged with a felony that stuck her with 90 days in prison and 30 months of probation.

The Daily Mail reports the suspect used Visine to poison her roommate’s water bottle on several occasions, causing her to suffer nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. The victim caught wind of her roommate’s alleged crimes when she heard that the suspect had bragged to others about what she was doing.

Remember, kids. Copying what you see in a movie is rarely a good idea, be it Wedding Crashers or Weekend at Bernie’s.

Student jailed for 90 days for putting eyedrops into her room-mate’s water after seeing stunt on Wedding Crashers [Daily Mail via Movieline]

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