How To Avoid Ticks And What To Do If A Tick Bites You

The bad news (for humans): It’s shaping up to be a great year for disease-bearing ticks. The good news: We can tell you how to defend your body and your yard from these pests. [More]

Idaho Statesman

Guy With A Mule Who Serves Free Coffee To Hikers Will Get To Keep Doing His Thing

Hikers in the Boise Foothills of Idaho who’ve enjoyed a free cup of coffee handed out by a guy and his mule will be glad to hear that they’ll get keep operating on private land after tackling a few regulatory hurdles. [More]

Do Not Copy Hike From "127 Hours"

Do Not Copy Hike From "127 Hours"

People need to stop trying things that they learn in movies. Already this month we’ve seen people get in trouble while copying the antics in Weekend at Bernie’s and Wedding Crashers, and now a guy broke his leg and had to wait four days to be rescued while trying to complete the hike from 127 Hours. [More]

REI Gives Great Customer Service, Refunds 4-Year-Old Skis

REI Gives Great Customer Service, Refunds 4-Year-Old Skis

It sounds like sports-equipment company REI actually enjoys providing good customer service—their official Return policy seems pretty lenient, and it turns out they stand by that,at least for Tom’s family:

Morning Deals Round-Up

• Sportswear retailer Altrec.com has an ‘Extreme Savings‘ event, where you can wail the most wicked gnarly discounts from 30 to 60% off regular prices. Brands include The North Face, Burton, and Patagonia.