Two Denver Men Find Out That "Weekend At Bernie's" Isn't As Funny In Real Life

Even if you’ve never seen the 1989 comedy Weekend At Bernie’s — or its inexcusable 1993 sequel — it’s likely you’re at least familiar with its tale of two morons lugging around a dead body and hilariously pretending it’s still alive. And while it’s all fun and games when you see the film at 4 a.m. on TBS, two men in Denver found out it’s not only not-funny to do the same thing in the real world, it could also land you in jail.

The two men are accused of toting a pal’s corpse around Denver, including visits to a bar to a strip club, all while using his ATM card to pay for the night’s revelries.

Instead of just being relegated to VHS bargain bins, this story has the two fellas charged with with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation. They have not been charged in their late pal’s death and as of today they are free on bond.

According to police, the night started when one of the men came home to find his roommate unresponsive. Instead of doing anything that makes sense, he and the other man put the limp body in the back of a car and went out for the night. It wasn’t until 4 a.m. that the twosome decided to tell police that their buddy might have, ya know, shuffled off this mortal coil.

And the two can’t play the “we thought he was passed out” card, as the roommate has reportedly already told police “it was obvious [the man] was dead,” while he and the other man drank at the bar.

“This is a bizarre and unfortunate crime,” said a Denver Police Department spokesman. “This isn’t anything you want to have happen to a loved one. You want them treated with respect in death.”

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