Orville Redenbacher Uses New Fancy Bowl To Disguise Shrink Ray Effects

Looks like old Orville Redenbacher has been working on his sleight of hand technique. He wants you to focus on how his kettle corn popcorn is in a new easier to use “pop up bowl,” and ignore how it’s been downsized to 2.9 oz per bag from 3.3 oz. Worse, writers tipster Derek, the popcorn doesn’t pop as well.

oldpopsnewpops.jpg“I don’t know whose bright idea it was to replace the tried and true microwave bag with a silly bowl, but it’s a big fail,” writes Derek. “The bowl has cellophane above and below, which gets extremely hot and feels a lot more dangerous to me than the old paper bag. Worse, the kernels don’t pop as well, leaving at least twice as many unpopped as I normally find in the paper bag.”

But it’s easier snacking, sharing, and cleanup! And it’s NEW! So quit your bitching and get popping. It makes the perfect snack for watching the stock market swoon.

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