Colbert Makes Dude Version Of Summer's Eve Hand Puppet Ads

In order to rectify a troubling imbalance in the world, the Colbert Report made a spoof commercial of the Summer’s Eve talking vaginal hand puppets, just for men.

“I don’t think that it’s fair that women have these commercial marketed to them telling them that their bodies aren’t good enough the way they are,” said Colbert of the ads. “This completely ignores men and our deeply troubling genitals. Why aren’t we encouraged to buy products that make our groins acceptable in polite company?”

Indeed, why not? To that end, he created Autumnal Afternoon Pine Fresh Dick Scrub. Tagline, “Hail to the D.” Ahhhh yes. Feel that harmonic resonance? That’s the feeling of the universe once again coming into a perfect synchronicity of yin and yang.

While safe for cable tv, the video is probably NSFW.

Vaginal Puppeteering vs. D**k Scrub [Colbert Report]

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