Florida Authorities Find Meth Smuggled In Meow Mix Bag

According to the Lake County, Fla. Sheriff’s Office, drug smugglers in Arizona sent 260 grams of meth to Florida via FedEx in a Meow Mix bag. The package was sent to a title company and was addressed to one of the business’s clients who resided in D.C. An employee thought the package looked suspicious, so he turned it over to authorities.

The client was arrested after he contacted the title company to see if the package had been delivered and unknowingly set up a meeting with undercover detectives to retrieve it. The suspect received a bonus charge of resisting arrest after detectives attempted to take him into custody and he tried to get away.

If you’ve ever been around an office mail room, what’s the oddest thing you’ve seen delivered?

Lake County Man Arrested After $30,000 Worth Of Crystal Meth Hidden In Cat Food Is Delivered Through FedEx [Lake County Sheriff’s Office via Huffington Post]

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