11-Year-Old Finds Bag Of Meth Inside Video Game He Bought At GameStop

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Unexpected freebies that come with a purchase are one thing, but bags filled with meth stashed in a video game case, well, that’s a case for law enforcement.

Police in Lake Charles, LA are investigating after an 11-year-old bought a video game from his local GameStop this week, KPLC-TV reports (warning: link contains video that autoplays). Upon opening it, a baggie of meth fell out, so his dad called the police and returned the video game to the store.

A detective with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the substance was indeed meth, and not just something innocent like the contents of a few Pixy Sticks.

A spokesman for GameStop told the news station that any games that are returned or traded in by customers are opened and checked for quality before being placed back on store shelves, and that games shipped from other store locations are checked before they’re sent elsewhere.

“Any games traded in with us are checked for quality, then could be shipped to another store,” he said.

However once the games reach those stores, they are not rechecked, which means someone could have ostensibly slipped the drugs in the video game case anytime after it was shipped from the previous location. When KPLC-TV asked the GameStop spokesman if that scenario was possible, he said he couldn’t comment.

Police said that GameStop told them there was no way to track where the game came from, however.

Meth found inside video game case in Lake Charles [KPLC-TV]

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