How Nasty Is Your Bottled Water?

Does your bottled water taste funny? It’s not just that it’s probably only tapwater. Environmental Working Group rated 173 brands of bottled water based on their sourcing information, purification, testing, and how transparent the information on their label and website was. Turns out, some of the biggest brands in bottled water are, well, a little murky.

Only three brands took high marks, the most well-known of which is Nestle Pure Life Purified Water. On a scale of A to F, where F is failing, the Nestle water got a B. Fiji only got a C, and both Dasani and Poland Spring got a D.

Better work on including more sources in your papers next time, guys! Your bibliography is too skinny.

Find your brand – Ratings for 173 bottled waters [Environmental Working Group]

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