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Coca-Cola Goes Shopping, Spends $220M On Topo Chico Sparkling Water

Coca-Cola is trying shed some of the criticism it gets for not only selling high-calorie sugar water but paying scientists to make dubious claims about said sugar water. So it now wants to sell you unsweetened water at a premium price. Problem is, the public only has so much of an appetite for Dasani, so Coke’s got to find other ways to convince you to pay for bottled water. Enter, Topo Chico. [More]

Coca-Cola Raising Prices 3-4% In July

Coca-Cola Raising Prices 3-4% In July

Just in time for 4th of July picnics, sucking down the sweet elixirs spewed out by Coca-Cola is about to get a little pricier. Citing the rising cost of commodities, the bottling giant announced it’s going to raise prices 2-3% in July. [More]