Gatorade Gets In Trouble For Making “Inaccurate” Anti-Water Statements In Game

Sure, any aspiring track star would love to be just like eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. But years after Gatorade pushed a mobile gaming app starring the athlete’s character that urged players to “Keep your performance level high by avoiding water,” the company will have to pay $300,000 as part of a settlement resolving allegations that it violated California law by talking smack about H2O. [More]


Nobody Knows What LaCroix “Essence” Is, Nobody Seems To Care

There’s no doubt that LaCroix — the comeback kid that transformed from the seltzer your mom drank to a ubiquitous libation treasured anew by the millennial gang — has amassed a dedicated following recently in the U.S. But that devotion doesn’t mean its fans know what the “essence” is in the carbonated drinks — and no one really seems to care. [More]

Poland Spring Bottled Water Accused Of Being A “Colossal Fraud”

Poland Spring Bottled Water Accused Of Being A “Colossal Fraud”

Would you be willing to shell out a few more bucks for a product marketed as “spring” water than you would for plain old groundwater? A group of consumers say in a class-action lawsuit they wouldn’t have paid a premium for Nestlé’s Poland Spring water had they been aware it allegedly doesn’t come from natural springs in Maine. [More]

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Americans Pass Important Sugary Milestone: We Now Buy More Bottled Water Than Soda

Late last summer, experts predicted that Americans would soon reach an important beverage milestone. We were close to the point where we would be purchasing more bottled water than sweetened soft drinks. According to a new report, we’ve finally passed that point, gulping 12.8 billion gallons from bottles in 2016, an increase of 9% from 2015. [More]


BMW Reaches $478M Settlement Over Water Damaged Cars

More than 300,000 BMW owners will soon be eligible to claim their portion of a $478 million settlement over allegations that a design defect resulted in water damage to electrical components in vehicles’ trunks. [More]


PepsiCo Will Advertise Fancy Water During The Super Bowl

Americans are now officially drinking more bottled water than carbonated sweetened beverages, or are expected to soon. What does that mean for the beverage industry? It means that PepsiCo is bringing its new premium water brand LIFEWTR and its infuriating name to the Super Bowl. [More]


Salon Offering Free Shampoos To Residents In Drought-Stricken Town

The community is pulling together in a drought-stricken town where many residents have wells that are drying up: a salon is offering free shampoos, and the local fire department has a new open-spigot policy for anyone in need. [More]

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Bottled Water Expected To Outsell Soda For The First Time Soon

It might not come as a surprise to hear that bottled water sales will soon outstrip those of soda for the first time ever. After all, companies have been pushing calorie-free drinks as alternatives to the sweet stuff for some time as consumer preferences have changed. But bottled water’s burgeoning popularity isn’t just about cutting calories. [More]


Colorado Town Finds THC In Drinking Water, Warns Residents Not To Use It

If you take a trip to a Colorado dispensary you’re likely to find marijuana in a variety of forms, including lollipops and gummy bears. But health officials in one small town say the psychoactive chemical in marijuana has turned up in the wrong place: the town’s water supply. [More]


What The Heck Is Maple Water?

In a world awash with trendy products — from artisanal bone broths to fermented drinks that some say smell like yesterday’s diapers — it can be difficult to understand what some products are, and why they’ve become popular. Take maple water, for example. It may sound like you’d be guzzling syrup, but proponents say it’s just a single ingredient, plant-based way to stay hydrated. [More]

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L.A. City Council Wants To Know How Resident Uses 11.8M Gallons Of Water In Middle Of Drought

Someone in the posh Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air has been using about a million gallons of water a month — enough for 90 houses in the area. That’s a lot of water in any part of the world, let alone in a state and city in the middle of a drought. Yesterday, the L.A. City Council voted to crack down on this “Wet Prince of Bel Air” and other hydration hogs. [More]


Texas Neighborhood Displeased To Find Worms In The Drinking Water

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, or a bad drug trip: turning on the faucet for a glass of water, only to have worms come wriggling out of it. Residents of one Texas subdivision claim they’ve been finding worms coming out of faucets and clogging up sprinklers, and have been showing up with water samples to prove it to local authorities. [More]

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Tom Selleck, Agency Reach Tentative Settlement In Water Theft Lawsuit

The world was shocked, simply shocked to hear this week that actor Tom Selleck was embroiled in a water hullabaloo out in California. After the Calleguas Municipal Water District filed a lawsuit accusing the Magnum P.I. star and his wife of stealing water by the truckload from a fire hydrant, the two sides have reportedly reached a tentative settlement. [More]

Foreshadowing the controversy? (Three Men and a Baby)

Lawsuit Accuses Actor Tom Selleck Of Stealing Water From A Public Fire Hydrant During California Drought

While Tom Selleck has a starring role in many fans’ mustache-tic fantasies, the Three Men and a Baby actor is being cast in an entirely different light in a new lawsuit: The Calleguas Municipal Water District claims in a recent complaint that Selleck has been playing a water thief, allegedly pilfering precious water from a public fire hydrant and having it hauled it back to his 60-acre ranch in another water district. [More]

Niagara Bottled Water Recalls Products Under Several Brand Names Due To E. Coli Concerns

Niagara Bottled Water Recalls Products Under Several Brand Names Due To E. Coli Concerns

If you’ve got bottled water in the fridge or pantry, you might want to check if it’s included in a recent recall of several brands under the Niagara umbrella, after the company issued a voluntary recall for all spring water products produced from its Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities between June 10-18. [More]


California’s Denim Industry Trying To Get That Distressed Look Without Using Water During Drought

California is in the middle of a long drought right now, with state officials asking everyone to pitch in and do their best to conserve water. But that’s a bit tricky for the state’s denim industry, which produces about 75% of the “premium” jeans sold worldwide. Because getting that expensive, distressed vintage look is all about washing… and washing again, and again. With water, of course, which is in short supply. [More]


Universal Orlando Temporarily Banning Visitors From Bringing In Bottled Water, Won’t Say Why

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando in the near future, leave your bottled water and other beverages at home: In a U-turn from its usual policy allowing visitors to bring their own drinks into Universal CityWalk and other theme areas, the park is putting a temporary ban on carry-in liquids. [More]

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Californians Facing $500 Fines For Violating Water Restrictions In Drought-Stricken State

When you turn on the hose outside to wash your car or set up the sprinkler so the kids can run through it on a hot day, what kind of price tag would you put on that water use? If you’re living in some parts of California, there might be a price tag of $500 floating in front of your eyes as residents face hefty potential fines for violating new water restrictions in the drought-stricken state. [More]