User-Generated KFC Ad More Likely To Inspire Serial Killers Than Sales

I kind of love this very unofficial ad for KFC made by comedian Peter Serafinowicz. It juxtaposes a loop of a 70’s father cutting a chicken for his family with a staticy voiceover instructing how to serve a chicken. An ominous drone pulses underneath. At the end you feel like you’ve just witnessed the mental filmstrip of a serial killer right before he creatively dismembers his latest victim. Pass the mashed potatoes!

For me, the surreal gag is sending up the trend of companies trying to harvest the internet through their sponsored “make an ad for us on YouTube and win Doritos for life” campaigns. They then of course only pick the ad that looks most like a traditional ad. They don’t want to actually embrace all the weird ingenuity burbling out there, they just want to get a whiff of it on them and go back to designing supermarket end caps.

So, the idea that this is the pitch of some internet user out there just waiting to be discovered and become the next Justin Bieber of advertising…that’s just finger-licking good!

KFC Commercial [YouTube user PeterSerafinowicz]

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