Man's Credit Score Damaged By Appendectomy He Never Had

While going through the process of obtaining a mortgage, a California man found out that his credit score had dropped nearly 100 points because he had been referred to a collections agent for $2,800 owed to a doctor in Texas for an appendectomy. Only problem is, he still has his appendix.

The man tells CBS Sacramento that he tried dealing directly with the collections agency, but they were unwilling to listen. So he contacted the Federal Trade Commission who advised him that this falls under the umbrella of identity theft and to file a police report and notify the three main credit bureaus.

He followed that advice and the collections action was ultimately removed from his credit reports. Unfortunately, it wasn’t done in time for him to get the home he was attempting to purchase when the ordeal began.

CBS Sacramento says the collections agency admits it made a mistake and apologizes for the error. Isn’t that sweet of them?

Call Kurtis: I Still Have My Appendix, Stop Billing Me For An Appendectomy! [CBS Sacramento]

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