Man Uses Spare Syringe To Invent Sauce-Injected McNuggets

Noticing how a spare syringe was sitting on his desk right next to his box of McNuggets and dipping sauces, Kenji over at Serious Eats was struck by inspiration. He picked up the syringe, dipped it in the Tangy Barbecue sauce, and loaded the syringe with sauce. Then he injected it directly into the McNugget to create a dipping sauce-filled fried chicken nugget. Genius!

According to Kenji, they taste “exactly like you’d think.” He acknowledges that there’s nothing exactly better about having the sauce inside rather than the outside. After all, the same flavors are combining in your mouth. But, he says, “after downing a couple of ’em, regular McNuggets just feel so… empty inside.”

Entire industries have been built on flimsier premises, so it’s safe to say we’ll probably see these popping out of Ronald’s deep fryer within the year.

Sauce-Injected McNuggets [Serious Eats]

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