HasSonyBeenHackedThisWeek.com Does What It Says

With hit after hit coming on a regular basis it can be hard to keep track of whether Sony has been hacked this week or not, and it’s easy to tune out. Thankfully, a simple new service has stepped in to make it a lot easier to find out if Sony has been hacked recently. It’s called HasSonyBeenHackedThisWeek.com.

Simply go to the website and if one of the Sony properties has been hacked this week, whether it’s the personal account info for PlayStation Network members, email addresses for Sony BMG customers, or personal info of Sony Ericsson customers, there will be a giant red “YES.” If not, it will say “no.” A subsidiary blog keeps a log of the latest Sony hacks in reverse chronological order.

Finally, someone has cleaved through the noise, hype, and confusion and created a user-friendly way to keep track of whether or not Sony has been hacked this week or not.

(Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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