Three More Sony Sites Fall To Hackers

Sony got hacked. Again. In three different countries. The music giant confirmed that it had to shut down its Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications shopping site in Canada after thieves broke in and stole personal information of about 2,000 customers.

Time’s TechLand blog reports that half of that customer data has already been posted online.A Lebanese hacking group is reportedly taking credit for the break-in and claims they had access to—but chose not to steal—customer credit card data as well, reports the Daily Tech.

Two other Sony sites in the Far East were also shuttered. Sony said it discovered its site in Thailand may have been compromised with malicious code that sends out fake e-mails. And the company is investigating whether similar tampering by hacker might have occurred with Sony web site in Indonesia.

The attacks, including the recent hack of Sony’s BMG music site in Greece, come on the heels of Sony’s PlayStation Network meltdown—a fiasco that is expected to cost the company $171 million this quarter. A Japanese financial analyst told Bloomberg:

What looked like a game-related attack in the U.S. is spreading to other businesses such as music and to all over the world. It may take significantly longer than expected for Sony to get over this.

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