Sony Offers Year Of Identity Theft Prevention Service As Hackers Allegedly Plot Another Attack

To regain the confidence of customers burned by its infamous PlayStation Network outage and data breach, Sony is offering U.S. users a year’s subscription to an identity theft prevention service.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, a Sony spokesman writes PSN and Qriocity music and video streaming users will get a year of AllClear ID Plus. Sony will start sending out emails with codes in the next few days, and recipients will have until June 18 to sign up for the program.

The monitoring service includes a $1 million insurance policy to cover any losses due to identity theft.

The make-good gesture follows other promises from Sony, which includes free 30-day trials of PlayStation plus, Qriocity and unspecified “free PlayStation entertainment content” for download.

Meanwhile, the troubles aren’t stopping for Sony. CNET reports a group of hackers is threatening yet another round of attacks on Sony’s servers — this one, planned for this weekend, is allegedly punishment for Sony’s muddled handling of previous strikes.

The hackers claim to have access to some Sony servers and will publicize information they find there, including names, credit card numbers and addresses.

Sony Offering Free ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection in the United States through Debix, Inc. [PlayStation Blog]

Exclusive: Third attack against Sony planned [CNET]

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