You Can Go Livestream 400 PlayStation 3 Games On Your PC Today

Image courtesy of ibraheem kurdieh

To people immersed in the world of video games, some things read as a given. You only play Halo titles on Xbox consoles. You only play Uncharted games on Sony hardware. PCs are yet another planet; there are worlds of exclusives that simply never meet. And yet today, it seems some streams will cross.

Sony announced today that its PlayStation Now streaming service is now available on Windows PCs, for all the PC gamers out there who want to get a taste of the console life.

PlayStation Now is basically a Netflix for video games: you pay your monthly fee, log in when you want, and can play games available on the service through live-streaming tech as long as you’re a subscriber in good standing.

When PlayStation Now first launched in 2015, it was expensive and limited. Subscriptions ran for $20 per month, and were basically only useful as a partial work-around for the absence of backward compatibility on the PS4 — you could use the new console to stream some PS3 titles, and that was it.

Nearly two years on, though, Sony’s now pushing a big expansion.The full list of PS3 games available on the service is now a fairly comprehensive sampler of the PS3 generation, from indie art-game darlings like The Unfinished Swan and Journey to major blockbusters like the God of War and Uncharted series.

Opening the service and all its Sony-exclusive titles to PC gamers is also a big move, especially since it’s going to come with an adapter that lets you connect a PS4 DualShock 4 controller to your computer for easy play.

To promote the new offering, Sony is also repeating / extending its earlier promotional offer of a year’s subscription for $100.

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