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Report: 25% Of Americans Won’t Have A Traditional TV Subscription By 2018

TV viewers have been snipping the cord and freeing themselves from traditional TV subscriptions offered by satellite and cable companies for years, so it may come as no surprise that the flood of customers fleeing to streaming video shows no signs of easing. [More]


Why Do So Many Men Get Vasectomies During March Madness?

Maybe you’re watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on a small window on your work computer, or on your strategically placed smartphone at your desk. There’s also a higher than usual chance that you’re enjoying March Madness while recovering from your very recent vasectomy. [More]

Tom Raftery

Report: Twitter Preparing To Cut Hundreds Of Jobs After Failing To Find Buyer

After failing to secure a buyer for the company, Twitter is now reportedly looking to slash hundreds of jobs, totaling about 8% of its workforce. [More]


Ralph Lauren Closing Stores, Cutting Jobs In Effort To Turn Around Sliding Sales

In an effort to compete with the likes of fast-fashion retailers like H&M, Ralph Lauren Corp. says the company will be shrinking its real estate footprint, closing stores, and cutting jobs as it tries to make a comeback under its new CEO. [More]

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Which Airlines Charge A Fee To Buy Tickets Over The Phone Or At The Airport?

We used to live in a time when some of the only options for buying airfare were over the phone or in person at an airport ticket counter. Technology changed, and many airlines have added fees for those ticket-buying methods. While Delta Air Lines is now turning back the clock and will drop such fees, many of the other major players still tack on extra charges for those ticket-buying options. [More]

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American Apparel Laying Off Hundreds Of Workers, May Outsource Some Manufacturing

As part of its continuing efforts to streamline costs and transform into a newer, leaner company after emerging from bankruptcy, a new report says American Apparel has slashed hundreds of jobs in its Southern California home recently, and may make some clothing outside of Los Angeles as part of an overall redesign of the production process. [More]

Sony Cuts The Price Of A Year’s Subscription To PlayStation Now By More Than Half

Sony Cuts The Price Of A Year’s Subscription To PlayStation Now By More Than Half

If you’ve been eyeing PlayStation Now — Sony’s PS3 game streaming service — but if you haven’t been willing to fork over $19.99 for a month’s access or $44.99 for three months of the service, now might be your moment, as Sony is offering up a year’s subscription for $99.99. [More]


Pennsylvania “Gentleman’s” Barber Shop Fined For Refusing To Cut Woman’s Hair

It’s perfectly legal to advertise your establishment as a place where “gentlemen” might like to go, but one Pennsylvania barber shop found itself in hot shaving water when a woman claimed she was turned away for a haircut. [More]

Cord-Cutters Rejoice: Standalone Showtime To Launch In July For $11/Month

Cord-Cutters Rejoice: Standalone Showtime To Launch In July For $11/Month

CBS is finally making good on its promise to launch a standalone, Internet-only version of Showtime so that fans of shows like Homeland and Penny Dreadful (and people who want to re-experience the hilarious death spiral of Dexter’s final season) won’t need a basic cable subscription. [More]


Utah Restaurant Owner Removes Over-Sized Genitalia From Bull Sign After Uproar

The owner of a steakhouse who added an extra-large genital enhancement to the bull on the restaurant’s sign says he’s removing the nether bits that caused a slew of complaints from residents, but he’s not doing it because of the controversy. [More]

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Uber Promising Seasonal Cuts To Prices In 48 Of Its “Newer” Cities

Maybe you thought you were special, living in a city that’s had Uber longer than others. Perhaps at one time you were different, but now the newbies are getting the special treatment. Uber says seasonal ride prices will be going down in 48 of its “newer cities” on the U.S. map, while still guaranteeing earnings for those driver. [More]


McDonald’s Cutting 8 Menu Items Next Year And Narrowing Down Value Meal Options From 16 To 11

While McDonald’s customers will soon be getting the option to build their own burgers, the fast food chain’s menu is going to be shrinking a bit despite that new feature. Eight items will be hacked from the menu starting in January, and the extra value meal menu will be narrowed down from the 16 current options to 11 combinations. [More]


Walmart Chops Prices For iPhone 5c, 5s (With A 2-Year Contract)

In a move that could signal a purge of old inventory before Apple introduces its new iPhone, Walmart has cut its prices on the iPhone 5s and 5c — with a two-year contract, only in stores. The 5S now goes for $99, down from $429, while the 5c costs $29, a drop from its previous price of $49. [via CNNMoney] [More]

Sprint Closing Three Call Centers, Shutting Down 55 Stores Across The Country

Sprint Closing Three Call Centers, Shutting Down 55 Stores Across The Country

Sprint has been hacking into its workforce this week, confirming that it recently closed 150 service and repair centers across the country, laying off 330 technical consultants. It’s also completely shutting down 55 of its worst-performing stores and closing three call centers — for a loss of 1,550 customer service jobs — and limiting operations at three others in an effort to cut back on costs. [More]

Is Staples Cutting Employee Hours Ahead of Affordable Healthcare Act?

Is Staples Cutting Employee Hours Ahead of Affordable Healthcare Act?

Is it a case of following old rules, or a way to skirt paying part-time employees healthcare? That’s the question for Staples this week as a memo surfaced advising managers not to schedule part-time employees for more than 25 hours a week. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, which takes effect next year, employees working more than 30 hours a week are considered full-time and eligible for affordable healthcare through their employer. [More]


Forever 21: Decision To Cut Staffers’ Hours Was Made “Independent Of Affordable Care Act”

Forever 21 is facing a bit of social media blowback after a memo reportedly leaked online, detailing its plans to reduce “a number of full-time non management positions” like stock associates and sales associates to 29.5 hours or fewer starting this week. Some critics are accusing the company of doing so to avoid providing health care coverage to full-time employees under the impending Affordable Care Act mandate. [More]


I Am Sequestration, Here Me Roar: FAA Closing 173 Air Traffic Control Towers

While the government warned of annoying long lines at airports across the country as a result of the budget cuts imposed by the March 1 sequestration, things haven’t seemed too bad yet (except for the usual weather woes). But it sounds like air travel is on the way to  getting more annoying, as the Federal Aviation Administration says it’s going to shut down 173 air traffic control towers at smaller airports around the country on April 7. [More]

Hey, Who Cut My Comcast Line?

Hey, Who Cut My Comcast Line?

Jim can’t prove that a technician working for Verizon cut his cable line. He didn’t see it happen, and the vandal didn’t leave a signature or anything. All the perpetrator left behind was a dug up, severed Comcast cable, some fiber optic cable, and a conduit. Less than a week before, Jim had booked a tentative FiOS installation a month ahead of time, pending the approval of his housemate. Instead, this turned out to be one of those very rare Consumerist stories where the hero is… Comcast. [More]