AT&T, Comcast Rank Last In Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The folks at the American Customer Satisfaction Index have released their annual report on the various elements of the information sector. And it probably won’t come as a surprise to Consumerist readers that AT&T’s wireless division and Comcast each brought up the rear in their respective fields.

This is the second year in a row that AT&T has come in last among the nation’s wireless provider, scoring only a 66 out of 100 points from the 8,000 survey respondents. That’s a drop of three points from AT&T’s 2010 score.

Also not faring well was AT&T’s proposed dance partner, T-Mobile, which also saw a three-point drop. Last year, T-Mobile tied with Verizon at the top of the list, but now sits in a lonesome third place.

Meanwhile, Sprint’s numbers have improved for the third year in a row. In 2008, the company scored an embarrassing 56 — the lowest number since the ratings began in 2004 — but this year Sprint surged to tie with Verizon for first place with a score of 72.

Actually, it’s not completely accurate to say these two shared first place, since the nebulous “All Others” scored an impressive 77, putting that group far ahead of the big four.

Over in Kabletown, things are looking down. In the Subscription Television Service category, Comcast tied with other perennial Worst Company In America contestants Charter and Time Warner Cable for last place with a score of 59. Verizon’s FiOS topped that list –even beating out “all others” — with a score of 72.

Check out all the results here.

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