Brands, This Is Not How You Do Twitter

After getting annoyed at how internet provider RCN kept tweeting about a Chicago-based promotion that he didn’t feel was relevant to people like himself who are outside Chicago, Mark sent a grumpy tweet to RCN. It was replied to with a robotic response that makes it look like the person didn’t even read his tweet, they just wanted him to take the conversation off Twitter. This is in the vein of what I talked about with “Twitter Company Reps Who Talk Big But Can’t Actually Do Anything” and it is a total Twitter fail.


What? There is no additional information to be sent. The guy just thinks you shouldn’t send out the same tweet over and over. Companies, not every tweet someone sends you can be replied to by saying “oh we’ll look into your issue, please use this alternate channel of communication to tell us about it.”

But hey, at least they have a good response time. 18 minutes. But speed doesn’t matter the response is worse than no response at all.

“And this is how your customers find out your Twitter feed is run by bots,” writes Mark, who should probably stop following RCN on Twitter if they annoy him so much.

Failure’s Not Flattering [Mark Corsillo]

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