TWC Responds To Comedian Eugene Mirman's Complaint Letter

Time Warner Cable has responded to the complaint letter published by their customer, comedian Eugene Mirman, as a full page ad in several papers.

Essentially they thought the letter was funny, are very sorry that his install was botched so badly, and are taking several steps to improve customer service at an organizational level. The most promising of which is probably increasing bonuses to reps based on their resolution rates and how well they satisfy customers, because people love money.

Now it depends on how it’s measured. If it’s just a bunch of “how would you rate your experience today?” surveys, it probably won’t help much.

Comedy! Healing the world through laughter yet again.

A Letter From Eugene Mirman, And Some Next Steps [TWCableUntangled] (Thanks to Mitchell!)

Customer Takes Out Ad In Papers To Publish Complaint Letter To His Cable Company

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