ATM Repairman Accused Of Swapping Out Cash With Funny Money

An ATM repairman who is suspected of trafficking in counterfeit money stands accused of using ATMs as, well, ATMs for his criminal purposes. Authorities say the man swapped out $200,000 of genuine cash in exchange for his faux green.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the man, an employee of Bank of America client Diebold, hit seven ATMs in the Bay Area July 4, replacing money with counterfeit or photocopied bills. Cameras allegedly caught him doing his thing at each location. Bitter BofA customers reported receiving the fake money when attempting to make withdrawals, and the suspect’s wife reported him missing after he disappeared the next day. He faces charges of burglary, forgery, embezzlement and possession of counterfeiting apparatus.

ATM repairman accused of loading fake money [San Francisco Chroncle via Boing Boing]

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