SNL Spoofs Smarmy Corn Syrup Ads

SNL this week parodied those ridiculous and condescending “truth about corn syrup” ads the industry put out last year. You know, the ones where a person tells another person, “oh, that’s corn syrup, you know what that’s about” and then is unable to back up the claim with any data. They then promptly crumble under the other person’s withering logic and stream of facts about how corn syrup is awesome.

For me the problem isn’t mainly one of “natural” vs “unnatural” or corn syrup vs sugar, it’s that since it’s introduction, corn syrup has been added to foods all across the board, even ones that you wouldn’t expect it. We’re not fatter because we have corn syrup instead of sugar, we’re fatter because now everything has added sweetener to it.

Here’s the SNL spoof:

For comparison, here’s the original from the Corn Refiner’s Association.

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