Extreme Makeover Subject Accused Of Lying About Kids' Illness

A family with purportedly sick kids featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition may have been exaggerating about their medical hardships, according to doctors who have tested and examined the kids.

The Oregonian reports the show’s producers knocked down their old, mold-infested house in Las Vegas — which the mother said was particularly harmful to their two daughters, who she said suffered immune system disorders — and built them a new, larger one.

It turns out the house the TV show left them with turned out to be a curse, because the family couldn’t afford the upkeep on the larger house they wound up with, and had to sell it. The family moved to Oregon, and now a pediatrician’s reports have led to charges of medical child abuse and neglect.

A doctor there says the mother made up the girls’ immune disorder in order to isolate them, and also subjected them to unnecessary examinations and tests. The parents says they did not mislead doctors and provided accurate medical records to authorities. A county judge denied the state of Oregon’s requests to remove the girls from the mother’s custody, and she has moved with them back to Las Vegas.

‘Extreme Makeover’ family in Oregon finds mother under ‘medical child abuse’ scrutiny [The Oregonian via Fark]

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