Why Is Abercrombie Selling Push-Up Bikinis To 7-Year Old Girls?

The Sociological Images blog has sparked an online furor over Abercrombie Kids, which markets its products to children ages 7-14, selling a line of push-up bikinis. Is this an age-appropriately targeted product, harmless dress up, or just the latest in the race to capitalize on the gross and premature sexualization of our youth?

The Sociological Images blog opened the can of worms by asking, “The average age of puberty is 12. So, at what age should girls start trying to enhance their cleavage? How old is too young?”

Moxiebird call the story your “Morning Reason to Drink!” and said, “It’s not that kids in the 7 – 14 age group aren’t aware of their bodies and have no sexual feelings or thoughts until they’re 18. We know that’s not true. But there’s a healthy way to explore those feelings that doesn’t turn a young girl into another object to be ogled.”

However, The Stir blog thinks that people are overreacting, that by her calculations and the Abercrombie Kids size chart, the bikini is for girls 56 to 58 inches tall with a 27.5 to 28.5 bust, so it won’t fit the average girl until she’s 11 or 12.

So, does that make it ok or does this still weird you out? Sound off in the comments.

PUSH UP BIKINI TOPS AT ABERCROMBIE KIDS [Sociological Images] (Thanks to Pat!)

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