Passenger Accused Of Karate Chopping Air Marshal

On a Delta flight from France to Atlanta, a belligerent passenger allegedly used karate to unsuccessfully fight off an air marshal who arrested him after he sexually harassed a passenger.

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Georgia, CNN reports, the man became disobedient when flight attendants confronted him after he woke up a woman seated ahead of him by “forcibly fondling and grabbing her face and head and then gesturing toward his crotch area, indicating that he needed some sex.”

Two air marshal stepped in, and the man karate-chopped one of them in a throat, then tried to put the marshal in a chokehold. The marshals subdued the man, who was arrested after the plane landed. He faces charges of assault and interfering with a federal air marshal.

Man allegedly karate chops air marshal [CNN]

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