Need A New Urethra? They Can Now Be Grown In Labs

We’re getting closer to starfish! No but really, researchers are moving forward in the field of regenerative medicine, and can now create a urethra from cells grown in a lab.

Researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina say they have taken tissue from five boys with defective urethras, and made that tissue grow into tube-things that can then be inserted back into the boys. And this whole process was a success, says the L.A. Times.

This system of grafting the tissue into the body is known as a “tubularised urethra.” Researches say that these lab-grown device can remain in use for up to six years.

If you’re not sure where your urethra is or what it does, drink a gallon of water and see where it goes.

Urethras can now be made in the lab — and they work [L.A. Times]

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