United Airlines Passenger Tied To Seat After Becoming Aggressive On Transatlantic Flight

The long trip across the Atlantic got a bit longer for passengers on a United Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Newark after one passenger reportedly became aggressive and had to be restrained for much of the 11-hour journey.

Unlike some flights that have been diverted over disruptive passengers, The Daily Mail reports that United Flight 85 continued on its journey to New Jersey yesterday.

The ordeal began mid-flight when a man became aggressive toward a flight attendant: United Airlines says in a statement that the flight attendant had been attempting to help calm an agitated passenger when things escalated.

Crew members and an air marshal onboard the flight subdued the man by strapping him to the seat with cable ties.

The carrier says the flight attendant was not injured in the incident.

The flight arrived in Newark on time, where four police officers entered the cabin and removed the man from the plane.

“Though law enforcement officials met the aircraft as a precaution, customers and crew members exited and departed normally,” the airline tells The Daily Mail.

Cabin crew and air marshal forced to tie aggressive passenger to his seat on US-bound United Airlines flight [The Daily Mail]

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