Man Who Torched Car To Save Home Ends Up In Court


A Utah man had a bold plan, which we told you about last year. His house was going into foreclosure unless he could come up with $21,638.02 to pay HSBC. So he announced to the world that he would burn his car and post the video online in exchange for donations. He raised about $15,000 and even sold $1,200 worth of advertising on the side of the car. He tried to work with local fire departments to get them to let him burn the car, to no avail. So he did it on public land and now he’s in court and getting fined, reports KSL.

On his blog shortly after the incineration he wrote:

EASIER TO GET FORGIVENESS THAN PERMISSION. The above statement has been said to me and by me more times in the last two weeks than I can count. I always thought that this just meant that by asking forgiveness you got to do what you wanted which was worth the punishment.

What I have learned the past few days is that asking permission and getting told “no” and then doing it anyway, brings a far more severe punishment from the powers that be than just doing it without asking.

Indeed. And if you blog about your plans to flout the law including the address, don’t be surprised when “the powers that be” show up at your weenie roast.

The $3,413.75 in fines are for “misdemeanor counts of creating a hazard and a nuisance and causing a fire other than a campfire.” He is also paying back everyone who donated to him. Which I guess also means he’ll be losing his house. So now he’s homeless, car-less, convicted of a crime, broke and his reputation ruined — give this man a reality show!

Man fined for burning car on BLM land [KSL] (Thanks to Lyn!)

Man Offers To Set Car On Fire To Save Home From HSBC Foreclosure

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