Man Offers To Set Car On Fire To Save Home From HSBC Foreclosure

John admits on his blog that he’s responsible for falling six months behind on his mortgage. But once he got over his divorce and losing his adopted son and started trying to make things right, he ended up in loan modification limbo at HSBC. The bank never moved forward on any modification, and now he has to pay $21,638.02 today if he wants to keep his house. Logically, he’s offering to burn his car and post the video online in return for donations.

The guys at Foreclosure Boys interviewed him, which led to this exchange:

Foreclosure Boy: So help me understand… you’re gonna light your car on fire.

John: Well I don’t wanna light my car on fire.

He goes on to explain:

But $15,000 is a lot of money to just ask of people, even my friends. So to think of raising that amount of money, to ask that of friends and strangers, I thought, the only thing I have that is some form of entertainment I can give them is I can light my car on fire for money. I’ll give them 3 or 4 minutes of entertainment, they’ll give me $5 dollars.

John says he intends to pay back any person who lends him some money, and so far he’s raised over $13,000 to go with the $6,500 he personally saved, so he might actually make it. (The foreclosure sale happens at 9:15 PST today.) He adds this to the bottom of his post:

So if while reading this you’re thinking, “I’m not sure if he deserves my $5/$10/$20 to get out of this mess.” then I say to you, you are right.

I suggest however, you think of it this way, “Even though he doesn’t deserve it, it would be pretty cool to see a video of him lighting his car on fire and possibly getting arrested. That’s a venture I can get behind.”

“HELP! Save the Maxim Pad from Foreclosure” [ via FARK] (Thanks to Tom!)

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