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Scammers Allegedly Rent Chevy Suburban From Enterprise, Sell It On Craigslist For $30K

Every day, across the country, there are plenty of commercial transactions that take place in fast-food parking lots, and which originated on Craigslist, which are entirely legitimate. This was not one of them. Two man put together a strange and clever scheme: they flew to Nashville, rented a Chevrolet Suburban worth $60,000, put a fake plate on it, and forged documents saying that it didn’t belong to Enterprise. Then they listed it for sale on Craigslist. [More]

New Frontiers In ATM Skimmer Technology: Wiretapping

New Frontiers In ATM Skimmer Technology: Wiretapping

We have a morbid fascination with ATM skimmers here at Consumerist, as anyone with a bank account probably should. The technology has made a lot of progress, from molded overlays for card slots and PIN pads to invisible Bluetooth devices that beam payment information to the bad guys until their batteries die. Now there’s a new type of skimmer spotted on real ATMs, but impossible for customers to detect: wiretaps. [More]