Man Randomly Tosses $100 In Singles At Starbucks Customers

Like a scene out of some wacky ’80s comedy, customers at a Boston Starbucks were showered in cash on St. Patrick’s day when a man decided to let fly with 100 one-dollar bills inside the coffee shop.

Witnesses of the incident tell Boston’s Fox 25 that the man walked into the Starbucks, yelled, “I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich!” and flung the cash into the air before calmly exiting.

“We all just sat there stunned. Nobody scrambled for the money like you would think they would,” one customer told the TV station. “Some of it was even stuck in the ceiling.”

Says another, “I was startled. I mean, we both turned around and looked, we were like, really, what just happened? Money’s flying in the air, it’s landing on the floor, it’s getting stuck in the ceiling, it was very strange.”

Apparently, a store employee ultimately gathered up the green and said it would be donated to relief efforts in Japan.

This situation is a bit similar to something that happened last week at a Big Lots in El Paso, TX, where an anonymous woman was handing out $100 bills to “bless” customers.

Man throws $100 to strangers at Boston Starbucks:

Man throws $100 to strangers at Boston Starbucks []

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