Anonymous El Paso Woman Passes Out $100 Bills To Discount Store Customers

Some shoppers who happened to be hanging around an El Paso Big Lots Wednesday morning received some unexpected gifts — $100 bills handed out by a mysterious woman who sought to “bless them” with a Benjamin.

KVIA El Paso spoke to those who received the unexpected gifts. “It was bizarre,” one recipient said, and another added “She says, ‘Excuse me young lady, can I just bless you with this?’ and she just put the bill in my hand.”

The woman pulled the bills out from her purse, and when passers-by asked her why she was giving them away, she smiled and pointed to her heart. The bills were checked and appear to be genuine, not counterfeit.

What’s the largest amount of surprise cash you ever happened upon?

Mysterious Woman Gives Away Hundreds Of Dollars To Random Shoppers [KVIA El Paso via AOL]

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