DNA Links Grocery Clerk In Tainted Yogurt Case

Not only was there semen in the yogurt, but DNA testing has linked it with the same pushy grocery clerk who gave the free sample to the shopper who complained about it.

Police have not yet arrested the clerk, as they are still trying to figure out what to charge him with. They would like to slap him with something bigger than a misdemeanor battery charge. The max penalty for that is 6 months in prison. The authorities are trying to see if they can get him on federal food tampering charges.

Since the story came out, other woman have stepped forward to voice concerns that they had been tricked by the same employee into eating contaminated samples.

APD: DNA links suspect to yogurt case [KRQE]
DNA Links Grocery Clerk To Semen Found In Yogurt Sample Eaten By Woman [The Smoking Gun] (Thanks to Teresa!)

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