Yep, There Was Semen In The Yogurt

The woman who reported to police last week that the free yogurt sample she received tasted like it had semen in it? Turns out she was right. Police have confirmed that the sample of Greek yogurt was tainted with semen. Results from DNA sample taken from the employee who handed out the sample are still pending. There’s something fishy about the free sample story though, according to the police report it doesn’t sound like there was an official sampling going on that day. UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has copies of the search warrant affidavit, police report, and a hand-written witness statement.

As KRQE reports:

The woman who filed the complaint said two employees at Sunflower were pointing at her when she was shopping with her daughter last week, according a police report. She said soon after, [the suspect] approached her in the cereal aisle offering up a Greek yogurt sample. The woman tried the yogurt, spit it out, and called police…

…According to the police report, the store manager said she was “not aware that any of her employees were sampling items on the sales floor” that day.

[The suspect] who has worked at Sunflower Market for more than a year, told police he did hand out the samples to several people. He said he often does that to help boost sales, but denies that he added anything to the yogurt.

Whoever contaminated the yogurt could face battery charges and potentially federal food tampering charges.

APD: Semen found in store yogurt sample [KRQE] (Thanks to Iron Weasel!)

Strange, This Yogurt Sample Tastes Just Like Semen

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