Verizon Switching "New Every Two" Plan To 20 Months?

Verizon Wireless could be changing it’s “new every two” upgrade policy, making customers wait until their contract is almost up before they upgrade phones, according to what appears to be a leaked internal slide posted at Android Central.

The screenshot of what looks like an internal training module says:

…customers on 2-yr contracts will no longer be able to upgrade in months 13-20 of their 24 month contract as standard policy.

Customers will no longer be enrolled in NE2 [New Every Two ed.] at the time of activation/upgrade after January 16.

Note that this does not affect 1-year agreements.

So “New Every Two” is being phased out and you’ll have to wait longer to get an upgrade, instead of being able to get one in months 13 through 20. Is this in preparation for the iPhone coming to Verizon?

We’ve reached out to Verizon Wireless to confirm or comment.

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