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Comcast & Charter May Make Sprint Their Third Musketeer In Quest For Wireless Offering

Comcast and Charter have agreed to work together to explore ways to get into the wireless market, but it sounds like they’re casting around for a third musketeer to join their new venture. And that final member of the trio might be Sprint. [More]

T-Mobile Exec Gets Romantic, Says Marriage To Sprint Makes Most Sense

T-Mobile Exec Gets Romantic, Says Marriage To Sprint Makes Most Sense

The teen-dream romance between T-Mobile and Sprint is moving on from playful banter in the lunchroom to lingering by the lockers between classes, with a top T-Mo USA executive saying that a merger with Sprint would make the most sense. [More]

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AT&T Updates Unlimited Plans In Wake Of Verizon, T-Mobile Changes

The unlimited data plan wars are heating up. Days after Verizon’s surprise announcement that it was bringing back unlimited data options and T-Mobile’s decision to boost its own plans, AT&T has launched a new — you guessed it! — unlimited data plan.  [More]


Comcast Says It Will Launch Wireless Service In “Middle Of The Year”

Comcast had a lot to brag about this morning when it unveiled its latest quarterly earnings: revenue is up; cord-cutting has stalled (for now); and the company’s share price is high enough for a split, doubling the number of shares to more than 4.7 billion. But the question on a number of investors’ lips today was “When is Comcast launching its wireless service?” [More]


Samsung Software Update Will Deliberately ‘Brick’ Remaining Galaxy Note 7 Phones

If you’re one of the few folks still using a recalled, potentially dangerous Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you need to find a replacement soon, as Samsung’s next software update for the Note 7 will render it useless. [More]


Reminder: Your iPhone’s WiFi Assist May Get You Data Overage Charges Galore

If you need a reminder to turn off the WiFi assist feature included in iOS 9, now’s the time, after yet another report of folks getting hit with data overages because they weren’t aware of what their phones were doing without their knowledge. [More]


What It’s Like To Be Inside A Car When Hackers Take Control From Miles Away

It sounds like a nightmare: You’re driving along, maybe whistling along to the radio, when suddenly the music changes and starts blasting, the car begins honking and won’t stop and the transmission cuts out. Nightmarish though that may sound, it could be a reality for drivers, after a team of hackers showed they’re able to get control of a vehicle from miles away. [More]

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Add Comcast To The List Of Rumored Merger Partners For T-Mobile

Not one to sit around and sulk after ditching its $45 billion bid to buy Time Warner Cable – or let a rival cable company beat it to the altar – the Lords of Kabletown are reportedly making eyes with the wireless industry, flirting with the idea of buying T-Mobile. [More]

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FreedomPop Launches $5 Unlimited Public WiFi Access, But Is It Worth It?

While major wireless carriers are investing billions of dollars in LTE services, a Los Angeles-based tech company is aiming to capture some of their customers by offering unlimited access to millions of WiFi hotspots across the U.S. for as little as $5 a month. While that might seem like a deal you just can’t pass up, the new service likely isn’t an attainable alternative just yet.  [More]


Cafe Blocks Wireless Signals So Patrons Can Put That Dang Phone Down Already

Look up from your screen. Did you forget there’s a real world out there, with sights and sounds and people who aren’t yammering away at you via any of the plethora of apps for mobile devices? One café in Canada wants to remind customers of what it’s like to live in a wireless-free world. A wireless-less world? [More]


Why We’re Praying That ESPN Does Not Begin Subsidizing Wireless Plans

For the last couple years, some in the wireless industry have been pushing for providers of data-heavy content to subsidize users’ wireless plans in order to guarantee that subscribers don’t hit their monthly usage caps. Apparently, ESPN is mulling over whether it wants to go that route, but we really hope they don’t. [More]

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T-Mobile Moving On From AT&T Affair, Now Wooing MetroPCS

Almost a year after the FCC and DOJ came running up the aisle of the AT&T/T-Mobile wedding, offering up numerous reasons why the couple should not be wed, T-Mobile is already updating its OKcupid profile and going out on coffee dates with a younger, less-experienced beau: MetroPCS. [More]

Consumers Union To Wireless Providers: Don't Wait To Implement "Bill Shock" Alerts

Consumers Union To Wireless Providers: Don't Wait To Implement "Bill Shock" Alerts

A couple weeks ago, details were announced about the Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines, which give wireless providers one year to roll out a system that lets customers know when they are nearing or over their allotted data, text, voice or international roaming limits. But our cohorts at Consumers Union are urging these companies to not wait until the last minute. [More]

Wireless Customers To Receive Free Text Alerts To Avoid Overage Charges

Wireless Customers To Receive Free Text Alerts To Avoid Overage Charges

After months of talking about the issue, the FCC and the nation’s wireless providers have announced a deal that will provide almost every wireless customer in the country with free text alerts to help them avoid “bill shock” from unexpected overage charges. [More]

Virgin Killing Off Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan

Virgin Killing Off Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan

Say “sayonara” to another unlimited mobile plan, Virgin is adding a 5GB cap and throttle to its $40 “Unlimited Broadband2Go” MiFi plan. After you surpass the threshold in a month, your transfer speeds will get reduced to 256 kbps or lower for the rest of the month. The changes go into effect Feb 15. Happy Valentines Day. [More]

Verizon Confirms "New Every Two" Is Ending

Verizon Confirms "New Every Two" Is Ending

Verizon has confirmed the information in the leaked slide we reported on two weeks ago. They’re ending their “New Every Two” policy. New customers after Jan 16 won’t get the credit, and current customers won’t get the credit after their next contract renewal. [More]

Verizon Switching "New Every Two" Plan To 20 Months?

Verizon Switching "New Every Two" Plan To 20 Months?

Verizon Wireless could be changing it’s “new every two” upgrade policy, making customers wait until their contract is almost up before they upgrade phones, according to what appears to be a leaked internal slide posted at Android Central. [More]

Verizon's New 4G LTE Network Hits 21 Mbps In PC Mag Test

Verizon's New 4G LTE Network Hits 21 Mbps In PC Mag Test

A PC Mag reporter tested out Verizons’ new 4G LTE Network and maxed out at 21 Mbps in his home test. Of course, no one else is on the network right now, which hits streets December 5th, but that’s a pretty sweet rate for shoveling data through the air (in America at least). Verizon is also keeping your monthly cap pretty darn low, and expensive. [More]