Why Won't Burger King Share Its "X-Tra Long" Burgers With America?

The next time your snooty European friend goes off on a rant about obese, burger-eating Americans blah blah blah, you can just shut him up by pointing to these super-long beasts from Burger King that are not available stateside.

First off, BK eaters in Germany and Austria have been feasting on “X-Tra Long Chili Cheese” burgers, essentially three burgers slathered in a spicy cheese with jalapenos. Meanwhile, we here in the land of the burger only have access to… this.

Now the Dutch are not only getting the chili cheese burger beast, they are also able to chomp down on an X-Tra Long Rodeo BBQ burger, another three-patty concoction, but with barbecue sauce and onion rings on top.

And acccording to Eater, various Asian nations have things like the X-Tra Long Chicken Burger and the X-Tra Long Cheese Supreme.

Has the king abandoned us? Will we be forced to turn to Carl’s Jr. for our elongated burger needs?

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