Libbey Offers Stemless Wine Glasses, Flawless Service

Mark bought a set of a dozen stemless wine glasses made by Libbey, but discovered that one of the red wine glasses was missing when he unboxed it. He contacted Libbey to see about obtaining a single replacement glass. This was no problem for Libbey: they promptly sent him another set of twelve glasses to make up for the oversight.

I thought I’d send you an e-mail about a positive experience I had with Libbey, a company that makes glassware. I recently purchased a condo and I decided to stop by a Ross a few weeks back to see if I could find any good deals on some house ware I needed (Including wine glasses). I found a set of 12 stemless wine glasses for about $13. When I got home and unpacked the box I noticed one of the red wine glasses was missing. The store told me I could return it for a refund, but they had no more in stock. A quick search online showed me that the cheapest I could find the set for was $35 + shipping. I decided just to keep the 11 glasses. I checked to Libbey website to see if 1 replacement glass could be ordered, but they only sold sets.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to e-mail them so I sent a short e-mail explaining the situation and asked if there was any way I could order just one replacement glass. About 3 days later I received an e-mail from Frances in consumer marketing. She said to give her my shipping address and she would send a replacement. Today when I arrived home a large package was waiting. Instead of just 1 replacement glass, she had sent me a whole new set of 12 glasses. I sent Frances a thank you e-mail today telling her she went above and beyond what I expected.

Wine tasting party at Mark’s house, everyone!

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