Burger King Customer Told 'F@*k You' On Drive-Thru Receipt — Twice

It’s bad enough that, after spending nearly $10 at a Sacramento, CA, Burger King, a customer found the words ‘F*CK YOU’ on his receipt in place of his order number; but the BK employee who felt compelled to take out their anger on the customer did it twice on the same receipt.

And when he brought it to the attention of a BK employee, the man didn’t exactly get the response he was expecting.

“I showed the guy and he kinda just looks at it and laughs,” recalls the customer. “There was no ‘Sorry, I’ll fix it.'”

When local TV station KCRA confronted a manager of that Burger King, he acknowledged that the employees listed on the receipt do indeed work at that franchise and that it was “not acceptable.” He said he would need to talk to his boss regarding the next step.

BK HQ told KCRA they are investigating the incident. No word on whether or not they are taking it seriously.

Burger King Receipt Says ‘F— You’ [KCRA.com]

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