Is A Ban Needed On Alcoholic Energy Drinks?

Reports say the the Food & Drug Administration is planning to announce today that caffeine is an unsafe food additive in alcoholic drinks. This would effectively ban a whole range of products like Four Loko, Joose and Sparks, which market themselves as a sort of boozed-up energy drink.

But the question remains: Is this ban actually necessary? Caffeine (and other, similar stimulants) and alcohol is nothing new — Red Bull and Vodka is still a popular drink at many bars, as are rum and Cokes, whiskey and Cokes, and let’s not forget Irish Coffee.

Proponents of legislation against drinks like Four Loko say they are deliberately marketed to young and underage people. They also claim that the stimulation from the caffeine tricks drinkers into thinking they are sober enough to do things like drive a car when they are actually impaired.

So what do you think — Is the FDA making a smart move or just worried about headlines?

FDA expected to ban alcoholic energy drinks Wed [Washington Post]

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