Get Discounts Just By Asking

Everything has two prices. One price is for people who just pay whatever the sticker says. The other is for the ones who have the gumption to ask for a discount. You want the second one. NYT Bucks Blog shows you how to get it:

To make your appeal more forceful, I’ve learned that it helps to ask to speak to the manager or whoever is in charge and essentially ask them, “What’s the best discount you can give me?” as many times as it takes for them to knock something off the price. Others recommend keeping your approach light and mirroring the way the sales clerk acts as well as mentioning the competition or your loyalty to the seller and asking lots of questions before asking for the discount.

What techniques do you use to “just ask for it” and get the price knocked off? Sound off in the comments.

Asking for an Extra Discount [NYT Bucks Blog]

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