Man Forced To Eat Own Beard In Botched Lawnmower Sale

Two men are being sentenced for cutting off another man’s beard and demanding at knife and gunpoint that he eat it because they thought he was cheating them in a used lawnmower sale.

“Troy offered to buy it from me for two hundred and fifty dollars. I paid twenty bucks for it. He thought I was trying to cheat him,” said the man who now has a shorter beard. “One thing led to another, and before I knew it, there were knives and guns and everything just went haywire.”

It seems confusing as to why a man would get mad for offering a price and then accusing the other person for ripping them off —until you consider that the would-be buyers were drunk.

Different places have different way of resolving contractual disputes, In Lexington, it’s through mandatory binding beard-eating,

Man’s Beard Was Cut, Stuffed In His Mouth During Fight [Lex18 via Gawker]

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