Police: Man Stole Riding Lawnmower From Walmart By Driving It Off The Lot

Not the mower in question. (frankieleon)

Not the mower in question. (frankieleon)

Because riding lawnmowers don’t just drive off store lots all by themselves, police in Nebraska say a man they found driving a stolen machine 10 miles from its home at Walmart was responsible for its escape.

The 49-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly hopping on the $978 mower and riding it away from Walmart last weekend, reports the Kearney Hub.

According to the police, Walmart notified them that security footage showed the suspect coming into the store, fueling up the lawn mower ad then cutting the retaining chain link fence where it was stored. He then allegedly fled on the mower, cutting another fence on the Interstate before driving off camera.

On Wednesday, a deputy sheriff was called to an intersection 10 miles away from the Walmart, where the suspect was seen driving a mower matching the description of the stolen machine. During questioning, police didn’t think his answers about the mower made sense, and arrested him. He was found wearing a backpack with a pair of bolt cutters in it at the time.

He’s now charged with one count of theft by shoplifting and one count of criminal mischief.

Man gets 10 miles away on lawnmower allegedly stolen in Lexington [The Kearney Hub]

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