Microsoft, Sony Pay GameStop To Upsell You Downloadable Add-On Codes

GameStop employees now have more than just pre-orders, strategy guides and loyalty cards to pressure unsuspecting customers into buying. The game dealer has moved into selling downloadable content cards, and revealed it’s getting a cut of the action, given it more incentive to convince players their games aren’t complete without an extra map pack.

Joystiq reports the company’s head chair explained to attendees of the BMO Capital Markets Digital Entertainment Conference:

“I won’t get into the details of the agreements, but obviously we get paid for selling the digital content. We get paid less than what we would get paid for a typical new game [retail game], because we don’t have inventory carrying costs, shipping costs, etc. But needless to say, we believe it will bring operating margins similar to new games.

If you shop at GameStop, what types of pitches have you gotten from employees to buy DLC?

GameStop details a bright (profitable) future with DLC [Joystiq]

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