Gillette Introduces $.34 Razor… In India

While here in the States — and in many parts of the world — Gillette is known for pricier devices like its Fusion ProGlide razors that will cost you upwards of $10-11 just for the handle and one blade (and replacement blades costing $2-3 each), the company is attempting to go the opposite route in India, where it is now selling a razor that costs the equivalent of $.34, with replacement blades going for only $.11 each.

Procter & Gamble, Gillette’s parent company, says they first figured out what the customers in India were willing to pay for a razor and then aimed to give them the best razor they could get for that price.

So in creating the Gillette Guard, P&G had to ditch most of the bells and whistles associated with their U.S. products. Explains the Wall Street Journal:

To cut costs, P&G eliminated the lubrication strip and colorful handle designs Indian men weren’t willing to pay for. Though most men in the U.S. and Western Europe prefer a heavy razor handle, P&G found Indian men prefer a lighter weight, which also cut costs.

Is this lower-priced product something that we’ll be seeing Stateside anytime soon? Right now, P&G says they are just looking to see how it does in “developing markets,” and that they won’t have an idea of the bigger picture until the next six to 12 months.

Do these razors sound any better than the disposables you can currently buy? Would you be willing to try one just to see how it compares to the pricier Gillette products?

Gillette’s Latest Innovation in Razors: the 11-Cent Blade [WSJ]

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