Staples Offers PC Tune-Up Via Cold Call

Who hasn’t sat around bored and lonely, staring into a computer screen, wishing someone from a retailer would call with an annoying PC tune-up offer?

Eugene lived the dream because he was actually lucky enough to have received such a call. A blessed angel of mercy from Staples found it in her heart to dial him up and let him know his machine was due for a free once-over by a computer veterinarian:

Just wanted to pass along something that happened to me today.

I received a call from Staples saying that my name is on a list for a “free pc tune up.”

When I said I never did such a thing the woman said someone must have put my name on the list.

When I asked if she could tell me who it was that put my name on the list they said the name of my neighbor whom I help from time to time with his laptop.

Apparently Staples happily collects any info anyone is willing to give them and then call as if you yourself had signed up.

I asked that my name be removed from the list and the woman said they would not call again. Until someone writes my name down again I suppose?

With Eugene possibly off the list, that just frees Staples up to offer up its generous gift to you and I.