Hide Lunch From Office Thieves In Healthy Meal Boxes

Here’s a potentially even better idea for protecting your lunch from thieves in the office than the fake moldy ziploc bags. Commenter Snaptastic suggests that you stash it inside a box of “healthy,” i.e. “gross,” food like a Weight Watchers, or, as commenter Murph1908 recommended, a Hot Pockets.

(We don’t really need to go into why Hot Pockets are Satan bullets, do we?)

See, the problem with the first idea is that coworkers, whether thieves or not thieves, might toss out your lunch thinking it’s actually moldy, leaving you just as sans lunch as if it were stolen. With this method, they’ll avoid your lunch entirely. But what if they’re really super hungry and try to jack your lunch anyway? Then you put your sandwich inside a fake moldy bag, inside a Weight Watchers box.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags Make Thieves Think Your Sandwich Is Moldy

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