Post Office Says It's Too Cool To Abide By Credit Card Merchant Agreement

Steve got into what J.K. Rowling would describe as a “row” with a Postal Service worker who demanded he show his ID to make a MasterCard purchase. This is a violation of MasterCard policy, but that doesn’t matter, according to the employee, because the Post Office is like the Fonz in that it plays by its own rules.

He writes:

Keith, the postal clerk, asked for a picture ID. I said I don’t have to provide it. Keith said he won’t accept the credit card. When I told him about the Mastercard rule prohibiting asking for picture ID, Keith said, “The Post Office dose not have to abide by MasterCard’s rules, we’re the Post Office.”

I told Keith I would be filing a complaint with MasterCard.

Keith asked what would I do if someone else was using my card.

I said I wouldn’t be responsible for the fraudulent charges.

One error the postal worker made is forgetting to add the word “bitch” at the end of his comments to Steve. “We’re the Post Office, bitch” would have been far more resonant.

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